Top 5 Fun Events in Australia

Australia is a very huge country. It is the world’s sixth largest country and it stretches 1,975 miles from the north to the south, and 2,547 miles from the east to the west. This country has approximately 18,600 miles of coastline. Although it is not diverse like Europe, it still boasts of a lot of variety such as the following 5 fun events.


Tropfest, which is brief and sweet, is the world’s biggest short film festival. Its organizers usually receive more than 700 entries for it and the 16 finalists get a chance to be screened live at the famous Domain in the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney. Its free live screening draws more than 15,000 people who come to the night laden with picnic rugs and deck chairs to enjoy food stalls, entertainments, and music. Since the awards ceremony is held when the evening ends, there are many red carpet-style arrivals.

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The Falls Festival

In the central part of the Otway rainforest (as well as sister festival that takes place in Tasmania’s Marion Bay), it is highly recommended for you to stop at The Falls Arts & Music Festival when you are touring the Great Ocean Road. The festival now calls itself the “arts smorgasbord” that has nice personal touches like Boogie Nights, which is an opportunity that early birds have to enjoy uninterrupted and unashamed boogying on the eve of the festival before the arrival of the festival gang, after growing from a round and humble the campfire fantasy. You should ruffle some feathers for this fall fiesta and pop on some face paint for the New Year’s Eve celebration. You should also go to the Village that has yoga sessions for puppetry, circus workshops, spiritual realignment, and many other lovely extras that indicate that this festival offers a lot to make this experience heart-warming.

Big Day Out

This travelling festival is the best way for you to kick start your new year because it visits Australia’s top cities (Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne) in sunny February and January. This festival features big names. However, the opportunity you get to hear some new people is the best thing about it. In 2012, Royksopp, Kanye West, Architecture in Helsinki, My Chemical Romance and Kasabian played.

Moomba Festival

This event, which took place over the Labour Day weekend in the month of March, is a free community festival. Its highlights include a main stage with the most-loved performers in Australia, the Birdman Rally and a parade on a Monday. It also features a carnival with a fire show that has pyrotechnic wizardry and fairground rides.


AFL Grand Final

This is football but in a different way from the way you know it The Melbourne Cricket Club devised the AFL rules- it created the game to help in keeping the cricketers fit during the winter months. This is not an ordinary football game, it is AFL, and hence, you should spend some of your precious time to get to know the rules. The AFL Grand Final takes place in the Melbourne Cricket Ground, which is a stadium that has played host to all sorts ranging from a Police concert to a Pope’s service.

The aforementioned fun events make a visit to Australia worthwhile. Hence, you should get an Australian ETA visa so that you can head there and have an unforgettable experience.

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