June Fitness Challenge!

We are so excited to announce that we’re hosting a 10-day fitness challenge this June! We’re collaborating with Bobby Jocson from Your Whole Fitness to get us back into shape. I (Allie) can attest to how effective his workouts are – he’s my personal trainer this summer and dang is it intense! It starts next Monday, June 3rd, and will consist of a variety of workouts for the following 10 days. You won’t need any equipment and the workouts will be quick but tough (they will definitely leave you sore!)

If you sign up below, you’ll be entered to win three of our favorite health products:

  1. One of Mary’s favorite books: The Whole Soy Story signed by author Kaayla T. Daniel
  2. One of Allie’s favorite cookbooks: Cooking with Quinoa
  3. One of Bobby’s favorite Rogue products: the Abmat
  4. A PDF packed full of workouts created by Bobby that will help you keep it up this summer.

We will choose the winner at random on Wednesday, June 12th!

Once you’re signed up, you’ll start receiving daily emails around 4:30 am EST on Monday, June 3rd explaining your workout for the day. The emails will be a combination of photos, video tutorials and tips for whole living while you are consistently working out. We don’t want it to be overwhelming so we won’t be releasing all of the workouts at one time. We will also be posting the daily workout/reminders to Instagram and Twitter. Use hashtag #considerfitness if you’d like to keep tabs on everything.

Lastly, after you sign up you should also head over and LIKE Bobby’s personal training page on Facebook. He will be able to answer questions, give you tips and just be available for you all!

Sign-ups are now closed. Good luck to all who are participating! We will announce the giveaway winner on the 12th.