Weekend Refuel

I worked 15 hour days this week (which is not sustainable or healthy) and so I plan to be intentional about my weekend in order to refuel and to work a bit to get ahead before next week starts. I just got better after struggling to get rid of a sinus infection all month and I can’t continue to work as much as I am if I want to stay healthy. Here are a few ways I plan to refuel this weekend.

  1. Take a epsom salt bath
  2. Finally hang some artwork on one of our blank walls
  3. Shoot photographs for fun and meet some local Instagrammers
  4. Get to the grocery to stock up on food
  5. Commit to prepping food on Sunday night for next week
  6. Start reading The Magnesium Miracle
  7. FINALLY get back to the gym
  8. Chat with Mary on the phone (yay!)

How will you refuel this weekend? Any tips or advice for less work, more balance? I love what I do but just can’t get burnt out.


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