Proven Body Hacks That Combat Stress and Fatigue

Need a few simple tricks to help combat your stress and fatigue? Having an exhausted body and plenty of stress in your life can be difficult to deal with, especially since stress alone can weaken your immune system, damage relationships and friendships, and even cost you valuable time which you should be spending on enjoying life. Try out a few of these body hacks and experience how they can enhance your body, health, and mind.

If there’s something you already do that you need to do more of, it’s definitely sleep. It’s recommended to have at least eight to ten hours every night. Of course, every person is different based on age, lifestyle, and current health. The best way to find out how much sleep you need is to sleep as long as you can every night for the next seven days. Make a list of estimated hours on how long you’re sleeping for each night. Take the fifth, sixth, and seventh nights, get the average, and that should be how much you should be sleeping daily.


Did you know that meditation helps clear up the mind, reduces stress, eliminates emotional fatigue, and decreases anxiety? Meditation is a practice that involves sitting upright, closing the eyes, and breathing slowly for about 10-15 minutes. When you’re meditating, it’s important to consciously clear your mind and thoughts.

Light Stretching / Yoga

Just a few minutes daily of following a simple Yoga routine can help reduce any fatigue and stress in your body. Yoga is basically “meditation in motion.” Different teachings and methods take you through a simple series of stretches, movements, and poses, all of which are to help increase flexibility, clear the mind, and reduce physical pain.

Certain Drinks And Vitamins

There are certain drinks, foods, and vitamins that can help benefit your body and decrease stress. A banana during the day is great for digestion and relaxing the stomach when nervous or stressed out. Drinking a nice warm cup of cinnamon or ginger tea can help relax the stomach and reduce fatigue in the body. There are several vitamins like Modafinilcat that can help with stress and fatigue.

These simple tricks are all proven body hacks that can help prevent and reduce stress, along with decreasing any signs of fatigue. If your body is exhausted and you just can’t seem to get through the day, implementing a few of these hacks can help with getting you back on your feet. Fatigue and stress are not easy to deal with, and they can increase with time if you continue living the way you do. Just a few changes in your life can make a drastic difference on your health.

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