Changes + Transitions

Hello Considering You readers!

Over a year ago, Mary and I took a chance and started this blog mostly as an experiment. We had no big plans to make money or business plan. For the past year, we’ve enjoyed writing and sharing about the things we find most important.

This blog is all about considering yourself. It’s about finding the right foods for you. Moving in a way that works best for you. It’s about putting real life first. That includes your health, your relationships and your passions!

Unfortunately, we just don’t have time to manage this site anymore. While it breaks our hearts, we also have to consider ourselves. We both run our own businesses (and Mary works full-time as a dietitian too!), we’re married, we travel and we like to take a step away from the computer during our down time. When you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed…you need to say no to something(s).

Fortunately, we want Considering You to live on! We’re looking for contributors* and someone who is willing to manage posts and social media. We still hope to contribute every once in awhile, ourselves, but needed to release the management and everyday posting into others’ hands.

You’ll be updated as the transitions happen and all our past posts will stay alive and well if you ever want to reference anything. Again…thank you for reading, commenting and really considering yourselves. That’s all we wanted!

*If you’re interested in contributing, please email for more info!

2 thoughts on “Changes + Transitions

    1. Considering You says:

      We are sad too Ana, but we know it’s the right decision for us. Send anyone this way if you can think of them to contribute!


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