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In case you missed Mary’s post yesterday, we are sharing what a typical day looks like for each of us. In doing this we wanted to let you know that we too are trying to find a healthy balance daily. It is not easy. We never want to give you the idea that we have it all figured out or that we have loads of free time to dedicate to a healthy lifestyle. We are trying to make it work in our personal lives on a day to day basis, and we are allowing the healthy choices to become a part of our daily routine. We hope you can begin to see your specific circumstances and realize that you too can make healthy choices in the midst of a very fast paced culture.

So what does my life look like? You know what…I actually never really know until the end of each day. I own my own business and am an independent graphic designer. I also blog daily (here and over on my personal blog) and shoot photography sessions semi-regularly. I’ll try to give you the most generic/typical day in hopes that you can get some tips or learn from my mistakes! My daily schedule is VERY different compared to Mary’s but I hope that we can connect with various lifestyles!

10:00 AM


I usually wake up around 10:00am. I promise I’m not lazy. I’m a night owl and usually work until 2am each night. Not the healthiest part of my life (especially because my husband goes to bed earlier or would like to go to bed earlier since he often has meetings earlier in the morning). I become extremely productive around 10:00pm every night and usually capitalize on that surge of energy. I still prioritize 8 hours of sleep though! So when I wake up, I usually take Desh (my dog) outside, make a cup of coffee with my aeropress and read or check emails. Then if I’m good – I’ll juice some veggies and a piece of fruit or make my favorite quinoa breakfast. Or would that be brunch? After I eat, I make phone calls and work on revisions for my clients.

12:00 PM


By noon, I start any meetings that I might have. Sometimes I head of to clients’ offices, meet someone at a coffee shop or work from Mission (my favorite) while catching up with other independent creatives. I tend to do a lot of my interacting and socializing in the afternoon. I also tend to book a lot of photo sessions around 11am or into the later afternoon.

3:00 PM


Since I don’t wake up super early, I get hungry for lunch around 2:00-3:00pm. We always have pulled pork in the refrigerator or a batch of quinoa. I pretty much eat whatever I didn’t have for breakfast. So if I had quinoa “porridge” for breakfast, I’ll juice and eat some pork + veggies for lunch! I usually take an hour break for lunch and will catch up on a tv show, take a walk with the dog or clean up around the townhouse. If I’m craving a treat, I’ll drink a probiotic drink or a cup of tea. I honestly love it more than soda or juice! Then I go back to working until…

7:00 PM


We eat dinners late! Whether we are meeting friends at a restaurant or cooking at home, it’s usually no earlier than 7pm. I’ll cook with Adam while we listen to music. Our current favorite dinner: porkchops, brussels sprouts with almonds/bacon, and squash! We like to spend a good amount of time chatting during dinner. It’s one of my favorite parts of my day. If we don’t have a lot of work, we’ll see friends or watch tv.

9:00 PM


As you might have read a week or so ago, Mary and I aren’t perfect when it comes to working out. BUT when I do workout consistently, I like to go to the gym around 9:00pm. It’s pretty empty and I get all the equipment to myself. I do a high intensity workout for 20-30 minutes. A circuit consisting of 30 seconds on…30 seconds off. I can walk home if it’s not too freezing and I feel great! If I don’t feel like going to the gym, I might just stretch or do kettlebell swings at our place. Then I either take the night off or work once Adam is asleep! Good thing I love what I do!

Like I said above. My days are consistently different. Some days I wake up at 8:00am for meetings. Some days I take off work entirely because I stayed up 24 hours straight to meet a deadline! No matter what, there are things that I do no matter what my schedule looks like:

  • We drink A LOT of water. Like 20 gallons a month, I believe. We have a water cooler at our place since we both work from home and we were always running out of ice cubes.
  • I mentioned it above but I always prioritize sleep. Even if that means my days look a lot different than others’ days.
  • If I can’t get vitamin D naturally (from the sun), I take a supplement. Find out more about vitamin D here.
  • I eat gluten-free and cook grain-free. I also avoid all processed sugar and limit my fruit intake to fruits like berries, kiwi and an occasional mango because they’re amazing.
  • I stay moisturized like it’s my second full-time job. I think I’ll single handedly keep Lush in business forever.
  • No matter how much travel or crazy deadlines I’m experiencing – I stay sane and feeling healthy when I’m conscious of what I’m eating. When I eat clean, I feel good. For me that means whole, REAL food. Nothing processed or in a box.
  • I make sure I’m spending a lot of time with Adam. He’s my best friend and we’re so lucky to both work from home! Some days we don’t see each other until dinner (it’s rare) but I love working in the same office as he does.

How do you all try to make healthy lifestyle choices in the midst of your ever changing schedules and demands? Life is hectic isn’t it?

11 thoughts on “Allie: Day in the Life

  1. Daniella says:

    Ha! I’m the same way. I feel like I get super productive and into organization mode around 10pm, and can stay up till 2am. Unfortunately though, I do have to get up at 7am for work, so I end up super tired – hence my comment on Mary’s post. Went to bed earlier last night, and doing the same tonight! Hopefully I can keep this up. What do you think about people saying you get more of a better rest during the hours before 12pm though?

    1. Considering You says:

      Oh when I had to be my old job at 8am sharp, I was sleeping at 10pm! But I was also depressed and hated my job so sleep seemed like the best thing.

      As for the quality of sleep – I haven’t done much research about it but I probably should. Did you mean 12am though? Thanks for the prompt – off to research now!!

      1. Daniella says:

        Ha! I did mean “am”, lol… I thought I read that it’s better to get more sleep before 12am, as opposed to going to bed later and then getting up later in the morning. Who knows with these things though! I suppose it depends on the individual!

        1. Considering You says:

          I have heard that lately too and it’s probably true with how melatonin/light/darkness all affects sleep. Perhaps someday when I have kids it’ll force me to be more like a normal human being :)

          1. Daniella says:

            lol! That’ll probably be my fix too! Too funny.

  2. Caviar and Quarters says:

    I am uber jealous you get to wake up and 10AM and it’s no big deal. The perks of working for yourself. How hard was it to cut out grains and limit your fruit intake?

    1. Considering You says:

      I can’t lie – I love it! A part of me, however, wishes I wasn’t such a night owl.

      As for cutting my grains and fruit – it was really difficult the first 2 weeks. All I wanted was bowls of rice, corn chips and donuts. Oh and candy. The hardest part (for me) was cutting sugar and creamer out of my coffee but now I love it black. I wasn’t a huge fruit person to begin with but once you cut out all sugar…you crave stuff you never wanted before.

      The key for me was eating enough to fill me up. I’ve grown to love almond flour baked goods and quinoa as my “fillers.” Let me know if you ever want any other tips if you try it out!

  3. sarah says:

    I ended up on much the same schedule, mostly because my boyfriend stays up til 2 or 3 regularly. It’s just too hard to go to sleep when I sometimes work until 10:30p.
    Re: Moisturizing: I just started working for Lush! I’ve tried a few of their products and I’m really excited to pore over the moisturizers.

    1. Considering You says:

      I can totally relate, Sarah! And yay so jealous that you work for Lush! I’m obsessed. Let me know if you ever get any new favorites. I just picked up Karma Kreme and more Ro’s Argan!


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