Cycling to Look and Feel Great

If you want a killer body, cycling can really help. While cycling you burn an amazing amount of calories as well as toning your muscles.

How many depends on the type of cycling you take part in and how fast you ride. The statistics below give you an idea of how much riding a bike can boost weight loss:

Leisure biking – riding a bike at around 10mph burns off around 290 calories an hour

Moderate cycling – riding at around 12.5mph burns off around 563 hours per hour

Fast riding – up your average speed to 14.5 mph and you will burn around 704 calories per hour

Mountain biking – an hour spent mountain bike will burn off around 600 calories

The figures above are for someone weighing around 155lbs. If you weigh more, you will burn more calories per hour, and, of course, if you are lighter you will burn slightly fewer calories per hour.

Have fun getting fit

Riding a bike is also loads of fun and it easy to get started with, even on a budget. Cycling is not only one of the best ways to get fit it has many other benefits. The fact that you are out in the open air is good for your mental as well as your physical health.

The Serotonin connection

Studies show that when you cycle the level of serotonin in your body is boosted. You get a mini buzz because Serotonin is the body’s natural feel-good chemical. Riding a bike gives you space and time to think.

Cycling regularly also helps you to sleep better. A 35-year study carried out by the University of Georgia showed that getting enough exercise and staying fit is key to being able to maintain good sleep patterns.

You will also meet new people especially if you join a club or take up some form of sports cycling, so it can be good for your social life as well. An active social life is also good for your mental and emotional well-being.

See new places and waste less time

Riding a bike gives you a chance to explore. It is an opportunity to go to places that you would not otherwise explore and enjoy.

In most areas, there are fantastic cycle routes that take you through beautiful countryside or parks. Cycling is also a good way to get around and avoid wasting time sitting in traffic. You can take shortcuts on a bike that you simply cannot do in a car.

Getting started is easy

Getting active on a bike has never been easier. Not having a good bike shop in your area does not need to be a barrier to getting fit by cycling. Radial Cycles online bike shop has everything you need from basic bikes to high-end sports bikes. They also sell a good range of accessories and cycling clothes to help you to stay comfortable, dry and safe while riding your bike.

You won’t regret taking up cycling. It is something that you can easily do with your family, so it is a great way to make sure that your children grow up happy and healthy.

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