Recently I just got back from vacation at the beach with my family. It was wonderful! Today I wanted to pass along some simple yet profound lessons I took away from the week.

Vacation can be defined as a period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation. I really could not agree more.


While it seems obvious it still holds true. Vacation is the time to rest from life. I learned that unplugging from life (phone, computer, twitter, facebook, emails, etc) is worth doing more during actual life as well. This does not just have to happen on vacation. I always feel guilty when I’m not on social media interacting. Doesn’t that sound so silly? Well, it’s a battle I really do have especially when we have this online community and I am active in different ways online. I’m currently trying to build an online presence for my individual business and that takes time too. The truth of the matter is I don’t always want to give that time and I’ve learned that’s OK! We need to allow ourselves time to just be in the moment with our families and ourselves. The other huge benefit of vacation is that it allows for actual sleep! We are sharing all about sleep later this month!



Getting away from the normal routines of life allows a beautiful thing to happen: it allows you to refocus your life. For me I was able to refocus my passion for all areas of my life (work, blog, health, relationships, faith, time). My passion for all these areas were re-ignited and I was able to zero in on my goals again for each area. Living our normal routines day in and day out usually keeps our focus pretty narrow. We can easily forget the “why” behind what we are doing. It’s so important to take the time to refocus our energy on the things that matter to us!



I refreshed both physically and emotionally this trip. Even though I was on vacation I was pretty active. I ran on the elliptical and treadmill several times. We walked on the beach. I even did some lower body exercises and ab routines. I felt great and it recharged my workout motivations. I also refreshed my body by getting out in the sun and soaking up Vitamin D. Good grief we all just need to move to the beach right?! To top off all the goodness happening to my body I also refreshed by focusing my attention on the people in my life. I vacationed with my parents, my brother, and my husband. It was wonderful to just get away with the people who I love dearly. We laughed, watched movies, played games, and ate good food. It was also wonderful for James and I to just relax and enjoy each other.

Vacation has so many benefits. I even brought some of them home with me. I am enjoying my time just hanging with my husband and currently we are loving our King of Queens marathons. I am spending less time consumed with social media (although this is still hard). I am doing P90X again and feeling motivated with my workouts. I love these simple things and I hope that my little lessons can encourage you in your life as well!

So there you have it! For more great tips check out Allie’s post on vacation health and how to retreat yourself at homeWe would love to hear what YOUR favorite part of vacation is and if you vacationed this summer?

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  1. My favorite part of vacation is getting to be spontaneous without any set schedules. I love being able to go to the beach, take a walk, go shopping, see a special site…whenever I want to do so!

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