Spring Cleaning

Since it’s still technically spring here (for three more weeks), we thought we would cover a bit about spring cleaning. I’ll be honest, I’m not that great at cleaning our townhouse. We had EcoMaids come in once a month for awhile but to cut down on costs I’ve jumped back into the cleaning groove. Back in April, we partnered with Murchison-Hume and featured them in our Earth Day Giveaway. They also sent over some extra products for me to try out (lucky me!) and I thought I’d share my thoughts!

First of all, their white grapefruit line smells amazing. I’m actually quite sensitive to strong smells and so cleaning with harsh chemicals always led to a stuffy nose and lots of sneezing. I felt like I could spray this stuff in my hair. Their fig scent also smells lovely. I use the counter spray, glass cleaner, dishwashing liquid and hand soap daily. Plus, who doesn’t love gorgeous packaging?

So no matter what products you’re using (or maybe you’re making them yourself), we have a few cleaning tips for you:

Begin replacing toxic chemicals

The typical American home contains 3-10 gallons of hazardous materials and uses and stores more than 60 hazardous household products.

That’s pretty…bad. Let’s eliminate some of these harmful chemicals and start bringing in better products slowly. I often talk to my friends and they’ll discuss how expensive it can be to replace everything at once. And I agree! Start by choosing the product that you use most often and find a better/safer version. What should you be avoiding? Glycol ether is the big one. It’s comprised of a lot of disgusting things like crude oil. Plus, many chemicals don’t need to be listed due to these companies lobbying + becoming excluded from this accountability.

Start line drying your clothes

When we moved into our townhouse, we realized that the past tenant had hung lines to dry her clothes in the basement. We’ve taken advantage of this and we tend to line dry more of our clothes now. We haven’t made the switch to only line drying but every step helps. Using your dryer adds so much to your electric bill and we hope you aren’t using bleach. To top it all off, dryer sheets are filled with chemicals that I’d never want touching my body.

Switch out your anti-bacterial soap

You might feel like you’ll stay healthier with all those anti-bacterial soaps sitting near your sinks but it’s not helping anything. Don’t be afraid to allow your body to build up its immune system. “Blocking” bacteria isn’t always a good thing. Also, studies show that since we now use so many of these products – it’s slowly leaking into our surface water + being used to water our crops. We don’t want to eat our soap. We just want to wash off our hands before we cook dinner.

Replace your dirty stuff

Vague, I know. But did you know that your dish rags, sponges, cutting boards and toothbrushes are probably some of the dirtiest things in your house? Be consistently switching those out for new ones or make sure you’re cleaning (and drying) them thoroughly.

Start slow!

If you do everything at once, you’re going to freak your house OUT. There is a balance and that’s why we recommend slowly integrating these changes over the next 3 weeks. It doesn’t need to change overnight.

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