It’s almost 2014! Last month we shared our first Links We Love: Holiday Edition! Today we wanted to share some inspiring links from around the web to help motivate you for 2014! Tomorrow is the new year and (whether you hate resolutions or not) it’s that time where we all (somewhere deep down inside) have the urge to hit the reset buttons on our lives. It looks different for us all since we all have different goals, but one thing stays the same—> a new year brings a fresh start! So today, let’s talk about building healthy habits this new year. Here is this month’s picks:


Use the 80/20 Rule To Improve Your Life

Mind Body Green shared an awesome article this week on how to incorporate the 80/20 rule into all areas of your life. We kinda love it. Health and life is not about 100% perfection. Follow this formula and you are well on your way to being healthier in 2014! – Mind Body Green

5 Free Healthy Habits to Adopt This Year

Wellness Mama is one of the ladies who continues to inspire us both personally. Her real food message and approach is always helpful. This week she shared 5 simple habits that will set a good foundation for other changes to then follow. These are key to a healthy lifestyle. – Wellness Mama

Bulletproof Plan for Achieving Your 2014 Resolutions

Dietitian Cassie is back sharing her great advice on how to make a plan that will work for YOU! Her focus is getting honest with yourself and planning appropriately. We could not agree more. Take some time to really think these through. – Dietitian Cassie

10 Simple Ways to Be More Active

Exercise and losing weight is usually on the top priority list for most people in the New Year. Sarah shared some awesome tips this month to simply help you get more active this year. See if you already do some of these things. – Sarah Stanley Inspired

Health Challenges to Kick off Your New Year

We are fans of doing challenges every once in a while to really clean things up and to focus on healthy changes. We have listed some challenges that are kicking off real soon and the dates that we think would be helpful to all!

What are some of your 2014 goals? Share with us in the comments below or tweet us@consideringyou!

Photo taken from Allie’s awesome Instagram: alliepal =)

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