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Every Monday we hope to share a quick food prep Sunday post. Mary and I both like to get a tackle on the week before it even starts and it usually begins in the kitchen! This week’s food prep was a bit unique since I’m hosting my first real Thanksgiving with my family on Thursday! Side note: I am so nervous!

Here’s how my food prep went:

  1. Went through my cookbook and Pinterest boards to find recipes
  2. Used my handy printed template to schedule out meals + log what ingredients I’d need to buy
  3. Actually planned out when I could make all the food for Thanksgiving and a schedule for the few days leading up to it. I plan to make as much of my green bean salad as I can before cooking it on Thursday, making my pumpkin pie and biscuits the night before and brining the turkey too. I purchased Danielle Walker’s Thanksgiving eBook for most of my recipes this year!
  4. Went to the grocery store with Adam
  5. Made a loaf of banana bread, two pizzas for dinner, chai tea concentrate and cleaned the kitchen

Like I said, not as much prep as usual but I’ll be cooking way more than I normally do throughout a week. I thought I’d share my menu/grocery list template that I use for food prep today! You can download the PDF here.


I have each day listed for you to plan dinner. Then at the bottom I have lunch and breakfast ideas since I don’t usually plan a different breakfast and lunch each day. This week I plan on making sweet potato hash/egg, tuna or eating banana bread Monday-Wednesday.

As you list out your meals, you can add the ingredients over to the right hand side of the sheet. I list meats/poultry/fish and produce at the top. Minimally processed foods like kettle chips, cheese or pumpkin puree can go below that. Then I leave two smaller spots for our Kroger’s “healthy section” and miscellaneous. I tend to get things like coconut milk, almond milk, eggs and raw nuts in the healthy section. I leave things like poultry seasoning, paper towels and anything random for the misc section!

Are you planning for a Thanksgiving meal this week? Traveling? How do you handle meal planning around the holidays?

9 thoughts on “Food Prep Sundays

  1. Caviar and Quarters says:

    I am flying back East for Thanksgiving, thankfully it’s a direct flight. I will be the meal maker so I emailed my Ingredient list to family back home. This way I will have everything I need to prepare my Thanksgiving feast. Typing out that email helped me organize my thoughts. Luckily, I hosted a Friendsgiving last Friday, so I made all my mistakes then and can avoid not seasoning foods enough.

    1. Allie Lehman says:

      Oh that’s awesome!! I think planning out my schedule for Wed/Thurs made me feel more in control but I’m making almost ALL new recipes (never made them before) so that makes me nervous :( I wanted to host a Friendsgiving but didn’t want to get burnt out either. Any tips?

      1. Caviar and Quarters says:

        For the Friendsgiving I hosted, I did all the food prep but had it located at a friend’s house that was bigger and had 2 ovens (boy was I thankful!). A tip with Thanksgiving type foods, would be to make sure everything is seasoned well. With a lot of the menu being starches or carbs, seasoning makes a difference to me. Also if you can help it, try delegating clean up to other people. After prepping all the food, cleaning up can seem like a huge task for one person- either use disposable plates for easy disposal,

  2. Stephanie Hall says:

    This is great! Thanks for that pdf download. I’ve been meaning to plan my meals lately and this is just the inspiration I needed.

    1. Allie Lehman says:

      I love hearing that!! Thanks for reading, Stephanie!

  3. Michaela says:

    Thank you so much for this lovely download! I’m a new follower of your blog and can’t wait to read more (plus I’m always looking for new ideas/inspirations to get me cooking healthily!) Thanks for sharing.


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