How to Become a Healthier Family

When you have a family, you really have a responsibility to transfer healthy habits to your loved ones! If you’re the one cooking meals, you really do have full reign over what your family is eating, and what sorts of health habits they’re picking up. And of course it’s always so important to make sure your family follows a healthy dental routine by making regular dentist appointments! So if your family could use a health makeover, follow some of our tips to start feeling great:

Plan family dinners

One of the reasons that many children become obese is because their families are feeding them fast food. And it’s quite understandable; families are busier than ever these days, trying to fit in all sorts of after-school activities can be overwhelming and leave next to no time for meal planning. But making a commitment to sit down to a family dinner at least 4 times per week ensures that your family is eating something healthy that you’ve cooked, and you get to catch up with each other’s lives.

Get active together

Families that exercise together, get healthy together. So instead of going to the movies or going shopping on the weekends, get your family together for cycling or a hiking trip. You’ll cultivate a love of the outdoors in your children and they will learn to associate family time with being active and healthy.


When you have lots of clutter around your house, it’s probably causing you stress which makes you want to overeat! Living in a clear space feels more calming and will make it more likely that you’ll want to cook in your nice clean kitchen! And besides, how can you go out and exercise when you can’t find your running shoes underneath all the mess? Cleaning itself is great cardio, too!

Skip the dessert reward

Too many moms use dessert as a bribe to get their kids to eat their veggies. But this creates an unhealthy addiction to sugar (and expectation for it after every meal.) Too much sugar in a child’s diet can lead them down the path to diabetes and other health problems. So instead of dessert, reward your children’s healthy eating habits with fun activities they love, stickers, or quality time spent with you!

Ditch the Clean Plate Club

Do you remember growing up, when your parents would tell you that you had to clean your plate? Well teaching your children this rule is like telling them they need to be a garbage disposal for extra food. It’s not healthy! So instead of forcing your kids to eat after they’re full, encourage them to only take what they think they want, then they can go back for more later. Focus on reasonable portion sizes and never criticize your child if they are full and don’t want to eat any more.

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