5 Reasons Why You’re So Tired

Is it hard for you to remember the last time you felt a ton of energy? Do you wake up in the morning feeling like you’ve been running a marathon in your sleep? Maybe you’ve accepted the fact that you’re just constantly running on empty, and learning to live your life with fatigue in the forefront. We’re here to tell you, this doesn’t have to be your way of life! There are so many reasons you could be tired, none of them have to do with lack of sleep, and all of them are easily remedied. We all know what it takes to be healthy: regular visits to the doctor and dentist check-ups, eating healthfully and getting plenty of sleep. But sometimes this isn’t enough! So check out these reasons why you might be tired, and learn how to start feeling better fast!

You’re eating junk food
People with busy lives often don’t have time to prepare and cook healthy meals for themselves, so they end up going out for take-away or eating unhealthy processed junk food snacks. Processed food often gives an energy spike because of the processed sugar, but it leaves you with a sugar crash, feeling depleted soon after you eat it. This starts a vicious cycle, because you then have to go back for more. Switching to healthy whole grain foods, fruits and veggies will give your body energizing nutrients and the staying power to maintain its energy.

You’re lacking iron
Many people are iron-deficient and don’t even know it. All they know is they’re constantly dragging and forcing themselves to pretend like they have energy! If you think you might be iron-deficient, you can have a blood test to find out. And if you are, start filling your diet with foods like kidney beans, tofu, lean organic beef, eggs (with yolk), dark leafy greens, nuts and peanut butter. It’s also important to eat these foods with Vitamin C, because this helps aid absorption.

You skip exercise
When you’re tired, exercise is the last thing on your mind. But skipping exercise can actually leave you feeling even more sluggish. If you can beat your fatigue enough to lace up your running shoes or unroll your yoga mat, you’re going to be grateful for the energy boost it will provide. Exercise gets your blood flowing and helps your body wake up, circulating energy and giving you that boost you need.

You’re a perfectionist
If you’re someone who feels like they need to get everything done, right now, in the most perfect way, you’re probably running yourself into the ground! Perfectionists tend to be more fatigued by life than others, because they set such high expectations for themselves. So loosen up on yourself and maintain the perspective that not only do you not need to be perfect, but this mentality is actually holding you back.

You can’t say “no”
Sometimes it’s hard to say no. We want to help others, and we want other people to like us. Maybe we even think we really can do everything we say yes to. But ultimately, we need to have boundaries about what we’re going to do for other people, and what we need to say “no” to. Otherwise, all your energy will be spent saying “yes” to all kinds of things and you’ll be completely fatigued. You can practice by saying “no” to a social engagement that you’re not really excited about and using that time instead to take a bath and read a great book at home.

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