3 “Real Food” Books for Your 2014 Bookshelf

One thing I realize is that if you keeping showing up to our website you most likely have an interest in learning all you can about healthy living. We are huge advocates for motivating people to continue educating themselves on health. We love it when you consider yourself ;) With that said there are amazing books out there to really help you do just that. We love reading new books, but most importantly we love to share the ones that inspire us. The three books pictured above have helped pave the way for our current real food era. One is very new but we know that it will leave a legacy as the other books have already. You all have to get these on your bookshelf this year if you haven’t already:

In Defense of Food

by: Michael Pollan, 2008

Michael Pollan has written some of the best nutrition books of our time. This book particularly is one of those books. It sheds light on the reality of how far we have taken nutrition in the wrong direction. In our modern world we now focus more on nutrients than actual real food (ya know, where nutrients are actually found). This has been very true as a Dietitian and thinking back over my conventional training. See today there is a war on food and it is between the food industry and nutritional science. It’s gotten too complicated and it needs to simply get back to REAL FOOD. If you are someone who eats food (oh, that’s all of you) and you have an interest in learning about whole foods- read this book.

Your Personal Paleo Code

by: Chris Kresser, 2013

This book brings the Paleo movement full circle in my opinion. It incorporates everything that is amazing about Paleo with so much more to sink your teeth into. It erases the idea that everyone is the same and needs the same guidelines to achieve optimal health. There is no diet mentality and it is individualized (because a one size fits all approach to nutrition is all wrong). Chris┬ácovers the ends and outs as to why the standard american diet heavy in grains, sugars, and refined oils is bad for us. He then guides the reader in reseting their body and helping them to find their optimal personalized diet through improving their digestion. I of course love every chapter (nutrition nerd here) but in particular I loved these chapters: Maximizing Nutrient Density in Every Bite and Reintroduce Gray-Area Foods. This book is not just about nutrition though, it’s about everything we are always talking about over here. It touches on movement, stress, and sleep- but it also talks about relationships, pleasure, and play. It’s a great resource to have in your library!

Good Calories Bad Calories

by : Gary Taubes, 2007

I want everyone to read this book. Gary Taubes has brought you the (real) scientific evidence regarding fats, carbs, and the controversial science of diet and health. You can find all the evidence in the back of the book (60+ pages). He discusses the Fat-Cholesterol Hypothesis, the Carbohydrate Hypothesis, and Obesity in ways that will help you consider the alternatives. This book will challenge everything you have heard about nutrition:

  • Is saturated fat really the enemy?
  • Is obesity really caused by overeating and sedentary behavior?
  • Is it fat or carbohydrates that cause you to accumulate fat?

Read it for more insight =)

There you have it! We want to know what you all are reading this new year? Got any recommendations for us? Have any of you read these books?!

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