Flexible Nursing Career Options In The UK

Many of us think of a career in nursing as being a job in a hospital, or doctor’s office, with set office hours or rotating shifts.

However, like most jobs nowadays flexible career options are now available to nurses in different nursing specialities.

Part-time Nursing Jobs

There are lots of part-time nursing jobs for those with families who are looking to get back into work, and for those of us with families and other commitments.

These positions vary from managers in a clinical setting to positions within non-profit organisations, or you can even pick up a nursing role in a school or university.

Freelance Nursing Jobs


Cromwell Medical has a number of freelance nursing positions available for short- or long-term positions to provide education over the phone or in person to patients living with chronic conditions. Home health care is also a growing need as the senior population is growing, and licensed nurses are needed to assess patient needs, administer medication, and provide skilled nursing services, sometimes with an on-call coverage rotation requiring only four hours a week.

Flexible Schedule Jobs for Nurses

Positions are available for legal nurse consultants to work for law firms reviewing medical records and preparing summaries detailing injuries and treatment. Nonprofit health organizations also need the skills of nurses for informatics positions responsible for creating electronic health records. Even within corporations, experienced nurses are needed to review hospital and physician bills for accuracy and make recommendations about re-pricing services.

Cromwell Medical has nursing jobs in London and other areas in the UK who are offering flexible working and excellent rates of pay (which are paid weekly) as well as support in providing you with additional training to aid the development of your career.

Telecommuting Jobs for Nurses

The idea of a work-at-home nursing job might not be something that some people who are studying or wanting to become a nurse may be aware of. Nurses can enjoy the benefits of working from the comforts of their own home and choose their own working hours as staff are now required in call centres for health insurance companies that provide clinical services over the phone. There are also case management positions available for those who want to work from home, but travel in their local area, providing home services, including services for those in foster care.

With Nurses in high demand, you can choose a number of nursing jobs in London and the rest of the UK.

For more information, visit www.cromwellmedical.com.

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