Ditch the Gym – Work Out in Your Pool!

Are you stuck in a rut at the gym? Bored of your regular running routine? Switch things up with a pool workout! A water workout can be a fun way to stay in shape and keep cool this summer. So, hop in and start burning some calories!


Benefits of Pool Workouts

Water workouts are a unique form of exercise that can benefit people of all ages. When submerged in water, your body becomes significantly lighter, therefore reducing the stress on your bones when you exercise. With less stress on the body’s skeletal structure, you’re able to actively work the muscles in the most efficient way possible. Because of this, a water workout is one of the easiest ways to burn calories. It’s estimated that for every 10 minutes of swimming, you can burn between 60-150 calories, depending on the stroke and intensity. The nature of water allows you to build muscle strength and flexibility without putting excess strain on your body.

Getting Started

Another perk of water workouts: you don’t need much to get started! Here are a few of the essential items you might need as you exercise in the pool:

A well-fitted swimsuit – Ladies, a water workout is not the best time to show off your new bikini. For a water workout, make sure to wear a snug, modest swimsuit that will stay put as you move through the water. Avoid a suit with ruffles or any accessories that might slow you down during your workout.

Goggles – If you plan to go underwater during any part of your workout, it’s recommended that you wear a pair of goggles to protect your eyes from chlorine irritation. If you swim laps, goggles will help you see the wall approaching from underwater.

Swim aids – Some workouts may require a pool noodle or kickboard to get the full benefit of an exercise. Floating aids can help you focus attention on the specific body part that you would like to strengthen and tone.

Workout Options
Whether you have a small pool at home, or have access to a full-sized pool at a gym or club, there are workout options to suit any environment.

Aerobics Classes – Many gyms and clubs offer water aerobics classes for their members. A professional instructor leads a workout designed to increase endurance and tone muscles. Aerobics classes can be offered for people of varying ages and skill levels and are often accompanied with fun, motivating music.

Swimming Laps – A classic water workout, swimming laps is a great full-body workout that is sure to torch calories. Utilize your arms and legs at their full range of motion to get the most out of your workout. Check out this swim workout for beginners put together by Fitness Magazine to get started!

Build-Your-Own Workout – If you don’t have access to an aerobics class, you can build your own workout and pick and choose specific exercises that will help you meet your personal fitness goals. If you hope to lose weight, you will want to do a combination of cardio and strength building exercises. Shape Magazine offers a list of pool exercises to burn calories. To tone a specific zone, such as your arms, you can modify your workout to focus on the muscles that you would like to build.

When you work out in the water, it can be easy to forget to stay hydrated. Drink water frequently during your workout to keep your body fueled! If you use an outdoor pool, also don’t forget to lather up with waterproof sunscreen to protect your skin!

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