Why I’ve Fallen in Love with P90X3

When I heard that the P90X team had released a new 30 minute version I immediately ordered the program. No joke- I ordered it within the hour. When P90X was first released I bought the program, completed it, and got in the best shape I had ever been in. That was because it worked in all the right ways. I enjoyed the program entirely, but that was back in grad school. When I got married and began working full-time things changed—> well, my time that is. Hearing that this new version was 30 minutes a day instead of 1 hour ignited a fire in me and I was ready to start.

Why I like this Program

  • I like to workout alone. I used to be a gym girl back in college but it no longer appeals to me at this time in my life. I enjoy coming straight home from work and working out in the comfort of my bedroom. It also saves me a ton of money in gym fees. Score.
  • 30 minutes is all it takes. I know I sound like a broken record, but 30 minutes of high intensity (get the job done) exercises is nothing when compared to the hours I would spend on the boring elliptical and weight lifting sets. This takes the best of both cardio and weight training and combines them in a dynamic and fun way.
  • Tony Horton is really fun. He is probably why I loved the first version of P90X. He makes the workouts fun and pushes me —> which is exactly what I need when working out alone.
  • The workouts are well rounded. Not only is the idea based on High Intensity Interval Training but the program also incorporates some of my favorite routines such as yoga and pilates.
  • I do not get bored. Each day brings a new challenge and having a routine in place keeps me going. It’s full of variety and that makes me happy.
  • It pushes me to simply do my best. Each routine has a modified version of every exercise making the experience practical for my current strengths and weaknesses. The program all and all simply asks that I give each exercise my best effort. If that is the goal then I can do that!

I recently started with the Lean Program, and so far I have loved all the routines I have completed. The time really flies by and I already feel stronger. I wanted to make this program even more meaningful though. I thought it would be fun to work through this program with you all. I want to check in with you monthly as I go through the program and give you my updates and opinions. In order to fully do this (and because I’m OCD) I’m restarting with the Lean Version of the program this week to work my way through the three months in order to bring you my best experience.

My hope is that anyone interested in trying P90X3 will be inspired by my personal experience! Let’s do this thing.

Have any of you tried the P90X programs? If so, what was your experience?




2 thoughts on “Why I’ve Fallen in Love with P90X3

  1. Ana J says:

    Wish I could! Bad back and every sensitive downstairs neighbors in the apartment!


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