Fitness Challenge Recap

Today’s the last day of the #considerfitness 10-Day Fitness Challenge with Whole Fitness Training! Thank you to ALL who signed up, participated and encouraged over the past 10 days. For me, personally, it was a huge growing period. I actually saw results and feel stronger (which is an amazing feeling after you pretty much stopped working out since last fall). It REALLY helped having Bobby around during my sessions and reminding me to workout. It really proves that having accountability or a workout partner makes such a difference.

Daily working out also helped my eating habits. I don’t want to put in all this work during my sessions only to eat a bunch of crap right after. We really focused on grilling out nightly for dinner and prepped lots of delicious veggie sides.

So overall – we hope it was a great experience for you too! We put a lot of time into making the videos, scheduling out the emails + following up on social media but we want all future challenges to really work for you. Feel free to contact us through our site or comment below if you have any praise, feedback or suggestions!

We plan to host a Twitter chat soon and would love to know if that would interest you! Suggest any topics below and we’ll keep you all posted on when it will take place. Oh – and congrats to our GIVEAWAY winner┬áJerod Hevel! He won two of our favorite books + a Rogue ab mat!


2 thoughts on “Fitness Challenge Recap

  1. Jessi Kolouri says:

    I would LOVE to play along in a Twitter chat!! With so many topics, how is one girl to choose?!


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