Welcome and thank you so much for visiting our new blog! We are very excited to launch today and in order to get the word out – we thought we would host an amazing giveaway. We’ve teamed up with OHA Skincare to give away $330 worth of products! Read a little about OHA here:

OHA products are 100% Natural, include Organic ingredients and are made proudly in the United States. Our ingredients are always vegetarian, often vegan and never include synthetic dyes, scents or perfumes. OHA formulations are cruelty free which means that we only test on willing humans, not animals. We believe in supporting our community, which is why a large portion of our ingredients are provided by local Pacific Northwest farmers and suppliers.

There will be a grand prize winner chosen at random next Friday (3/1/13). The grand prize (valuing at $200) includes:

ALSO: starting Monday we will be choosing daily winners. That means 5 of you will receive amazing OHA products so be sure to check back here daily or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the announcements next week.

To enter the giveaway, you must first answer the question: When it comes to your health – what challenges you the most? We hope to take your answers and form really quality content for you all in the months to come. There are also many other ways you can enter but in order to unlock those – you must comment first! Good luck and thanks again for reading!

Monday’s winner: Laura Packert
Tuesday’s winner: Ashlee Gadd
Wednesday’s winner: Susan Porter
Thursday’s winner: Bethany Buchwalter 
Grand Prize winner: Kiley Marissa

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  1. Aha. Fairly easy question although painful to answer. I’ve been chronically ill since September 2011 and it’s taken a huge toll on my daily life, to the point where staying healthy is mostly a case of changing virtually everything in my wellness “curriculum” of sorts. Before my illness, I did eat rather healthy and had an active life… yet my diet was packed with gluten, refined sugars and butter (very French diet indeed), I didn’t actively seek to work out at the gym three times a week, oh and I did not care about the way my skin looked, and it was described by a dermatologist as being as difficult to handle as cardboard paper.
    Then came the illness. It’s called corrosive esophagitis and basically I cannot swallow as easily as your average human being, as well as being plagued by horrendous heartburns almost daily. I also lost about 35 pounds in 6 months. This, in turn, triggers panic attacks which I manage to circumvent through diaphragmatic breathing. I thus started yoga. Ditched gluten and cow milk from my diet. Started buying natural products to give my skin, my hands, my hair, my whole body, the care it had been craving for. Gave up the conventional, day job grind because my body failed me more often than not, and decided to focus on my dream of becoming a writer, not only because I’m daring that way, but because my partner, who is my hugest support in life, saw how I withered under the pressure of a job that didn’t bring me joy.
    The funny thing is, that’s the most challenging thing, keeping calm and carrying on despite the pain and the fatigue, day after day, because being healthy is also, and mostly, a case of being happy. People often take happiness for granted, or live under the illusion of happiness. Once you truly know what makes you happy, a lot of things that mattered before seem so trivial afterwards.
    There. Said it.
    Congratulations on the blog, girls! Keep up the good work!

  2. Snacking! I want to snack all day. It’s not good for me!!! I need to do small meals and not graze the entire day!

    • Have you tried paleo baking? :) Just substituting coconut flour or almond flour really makes it so much healthier! And honey instead of sugar. I love baking too, and these options are so much healthier. Paleomg.com has amazing baking recipes!

  3. Using products that I trust is really hard — so is finding the time to test them out and find ones that I really love.

  4. I would say that my biggest challenge is finding time in my day to do some sort of exercise aside from my morning stretching. Living in Chicago I walk everywhere – even my miles to and from work. This pedestrian lifestyle paired with a job that has me on my feet for 10 hours at a time only encourages me to relax when i finally get home and see my couch! Before moving here I had a consistent routine of jogging and pilates but my life was over all less stressful and physically demanding. I have a desire to get back into this but find it hard to build up the motivation.

  5. Finding a way to cleanse my system & clear my body of icky stuff. I don’t want to get a super expensive/weird diet but a healthy way to clear out my insides and FEEL clear. A program/blog series to do day by day to keep accountable would be an excellent way to do this :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Getting all the vitamins and minerals I need. I’m a vegan so I take daily supplements to make up for things I miss out on. I wish I had a better way to cut down on supplements.

  7. Know exactly what is “right” and “wrong” to eat. So excited to learn from this blog and become a better me!

  8. Definitely eating healthier. I need to find the right diet plan for myself and stick to it. It’s challenging to go to work and then come home and make something healthy for myself and my boyfriend. I wish I had more recipes.

  9. Right now, my challenge is finding balance. Being self-employed, it’s not unusual for me to work until I’m starving, then eat whatever I can find instead of making healthy choices. Same goes for exercise — I get so caught up in what I’m doing that I just say I’ll do it tomorrow, because it’s either too late in the day (I prefer exercising outside) or I’m just so tired.

  10. My biggest challenge is finding the will power to make good healthy eating decisions on a daily basis and not just when it’s convenient for me.

  11. I would say routinely eating healthy.. and staying on a balanced schedule. Some weeks I am a health and fitness fanatic and feel amazing.. then others it slips.. consistency is what I need! Oh and some lovely products to help me as well :) Thanks for hosting this giveaway Mary & Allie!

  12. Congrats on the new blog!!! What an awesome giveaway!! I think one of my biggest challenges is finding the right care for my skin in all seasons…so this giveaway is right up my alley. I also need to do better at managing my protein intake as a vegetarian. Can’t wait to read more! xo

  13. Finding variety in the healthy things that I eat. I seem to get stuck on the same food products and have a hard time venturing out!

  14. Avoiding gluten. We do like to dine out (or eat at gatherings) and it’s always a struggle to make sure what I’m eating is safe for me.

  15. My biggest challenging with my health right now is finding a consistent time in my schedule to exercise. For the past couple of months I’ve been committed to a diet using whole, real foods and have cut out things like refined sugars and gluten and am feeling a million times better from that alone! Now it’s time for the next step…

  16. Bedtime. When it’s time for bed, I just want to go to sleep. I don’t want to have to worry about washing my face or brushing my teeth. Those things are really easy to do in the morning because it wakes me up, but I don’t want to be woken up when I’m sleepy and it’s time for bed! :)

  17. Taking the time to eat breakfast and meal planning. When I take the time to plan for meals, especially dinner, it’s easier to make healthy choices. However, when I don’t plan for dinner, it’s more likely that I will choose a convenience food or takeout over a healthy, home-prepared meal.

  18. My biggest challenge is sticking with a workout routine throughout the year.During the summer I run all the time, but when winter rolls around I stop everything, mostly because of the cold weather and early sunsets.

  19. I think what challenges me the most is consistency with eating healthfully/in moderation. I’m a great during the day when I’m at work and most nights when I’m working out but I tend to overeat/overindulge on rest days or weekends when I let loose a little more.

  20. The thing that challenges me the most is time! It is easier to grab convenience items when you work all day and then cart kids around in the evenings. However, investing a little bit of extra effort is better than feeling sluggish from not eating well.

  21. My biggest health challenges:
    – Finding the balance between “the best choice” and “convenience”
    – Prioritizing taking care of myself, especially when it comes to exercise, which feels more like a chore than an indulgence
    – Keeping my immune system strong. I’ve caught just about everything going around this winter, and not only is that unpleasant, it has a negative ripple-effect (too tired to exercise, etc.)

  22. Biggest challenge – finding the time to buy good quality products/ food instead of just popping into the supermarket!

  23. One of my biggest challenges is getting enough exercise during the winter. When it’s warm out there is no stopping me but I can’t stand the cold and I get too bored exercising cooped up indoors.

  24. My biggest challenge is working meal prep– whole food meal prep into a fairly busy Mommy/Freelancer schedule. I wear so many hats and staying on top of the Chef routine is task some times.

  25. I cannot find a skin care regimen that works for me and I have WAY too many products yet I still have adult acne, dull skin, and signs of aging. Some have so many chemicals in them it scary, and some make my face red and very hot, some drey me out while others are terrible greasy. Its so frustrating and expensive!

  26. What’s been challenging me lately is looking at my bodycare products and cleaning products around the house and trying to make them as clean and toxic-free as possible!

  27. For me, it’s understanding that everything in wellness and health is connected. My emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health are all connected, so it’s important for me to work to balance all of them, and that not taking care of one can largely effect the other. For me to start eating and living healthy actually started with seeing a counselor, then I went to my chiropractor, and now I’m pursuing things in my own (including this blog!) But choosing to see your overall wellness for what it is, taking steps towards improvement yet still giving yourself room for grace is the big challenge for me.

  28. Finding fresh food options. Used to live in Seattle, it was easier there, now in Cleveland, not as easy.

  29. I have been fighting a major health issue for a year, which seriously affected my face. I have never had great skin, but this caused major swelling, and blistering, resulting in severe exzema, which took about 10 days each time to heal, and happened about every 3 weeks. I went looking for products that I could read and recognize the entire ingredients list, and stumbled on OHA. My health is getting better, but even in the bad times, my skin looks better than ever, and heals faster with OHA than with anything I tried. I have since had my teenage son and my preteen daughter start using the products! Not only are the products amazing, the customer service is fantastic, and the free samples are a great chance to try their other-than-basic products. I haven’t tried one of their products I wasn’t impressed with! I will be forever grateful for finding this company and their amazing products! You guys are great!

  30. This is such a great question, and it really aligns with what I am trying to balance in my life at the moment! The biggest challenge I’m currently facing is balancing my health with my work life. Working too much, and not caring enough for myself. This includes my mental health, emotional health and physical health. It’s easy for me to stay motivated with fitness and eating clean when I have everything else on track and a set routine, but right now everything is up in the air! But slowly I’m getting back on track. I’m finding that as long as my mental/spiritual health is good, everything else comes together and is easy. A good realization on this great journey of life!

  31. Being consistent in steps I take to be healtheir is the hardest for me. I tend to exercise or eat healthier in spurts.

  32. Exercising in the winter months simply does not happen for me. I go into hibernation mode where all I want to do is immediately change out of my work clothes, eat ice cream and pizza and stare at either the wall or ANOTHER screen. In the spring, summer and fall, I’m active doing 5Ks, road biking, water sports, etc., it’s just the winter months that get me!

  33. For me, like someone else said, it’s hard for me to eat healthier. Especially because I can’t always get where I need to, and money is too tight to afford expensive stores that offer healthier/organic brands.

  34. My challenge is balancing my love for foods and trying new things (and craft beers/wines) with my gut issues and knowing that I don’t do well with grains or dairy. If only I could invent a “Lactaid” pill for gluten!!

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