Beauty Review: Ecco Bella

I’m excited to start sharing my reviews and thoughts about “good for you” beauty products here on Considering You! It’s easy to duck into a Sephora or Target to grab some fun products but if you’re starting to incorporate more natural options into your routine – it can be tough! My hope is that I can highlight some great brands for you to try out! I also will make an effort to only wear the products that I’m reviewing and so in the photos in this post, I’m only wearing Ecco Bella’s mascara and lipstick.

A quick overview of Ecco Bella

Our first review will be featuring Ecco Bella! As you can find on their website, Ecco Bella was started out of protest against the testing on animals in the production of cosmetics, and its mission has expanded to the creation of products from the universe of organics and nutraceuticals. They support organic farming, never use animal testing or any ingredients created from animals (such as stearic acid, tallow, lanolin, dairy or collagen). They’ve been eagerly searching for alternatives to carmine, their only remaining animal ingredient. Carmine is derived from the cochineal beetle, and used in some pink colors (like the lipstick I am reviewing today).

I also really love that Ecco Bella pushes the fact that their products help my skin while making me feel pretty. They believe their products can be used by all people ranging in age from 12-112 years old. You won’t find preservatives*, water, alcohol, talc, FD & C dyes, and any animal product (except carmine for pink colors). *Mascara and Natural Foundation are paraben-free and contain phenoxyethanol, a preservative also known as rose ether.

FlowerColor Natural Mascara

The first product that I tried was their FlowerColor Natural Mascara. Before I get into the review, please realize that I have REALLY short and straight eyelashes. To get anything impressive, I usually have to curl them and add 5 layers of mascara. Now that you know that, I’ll let you know that I found their mascara quite comparable to every other tube of mascara that I’ve ever tried. But this stuff is actually okay to put near my eyes!


As you can see – my eyelashes aren’t mindblowingly long but I was impressed that you could even see them in this picture! I wore the mascara all day and at the pool and didn’t notice any flaking or smudging (I didn’t get my face wet, though).

Ecco Bella Mascara

Ingredients: Purified water, carnauba wax, palmitic acid (from palm oil), clay, phenoxyethanol and iron oxides.

FlowerColor Lipstick


The next product that I tried out was their FlowerColor Lipstick in Pink Rose. I am an avid fan of lipstick and feel like I’ve tried basically everything out there. This lipstick pleasantly surprised me. I had a bit of a shimmer to it but wasn’t as soft as I thought it would be. Definitely loved the color and will be using this on a regular basis. The photo below is more true to the color than the photos above. Pardon my slightly out of focus photo. Self-timers are…tricky.


Ingredients: Castor oil, isopropyl palmitate (from coconut), candelilla wax, 100iu Vitamin E, organic calendula oil, organic chamomile oil, organic jojoba oil, flower wax coated iron oxides. Pink colors contain carmine.

EccoBella Giveaway

In order to celebrate this amazing find, we’re giving away either a tube of the FlowerColor Natural Mascara or a tube of their FlowerColor Lipstick to one of you lovely readers (your choice)! Who doesn’t love natural skincare? Use the giveaway widget below to enter (two things are mandatory). You have until Thursday at 11:59pm EST and we’ll choose a winner on Friday morning!

Feel free to leave any questions or suggestions for any future beauty reviews! 

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 *We received both products for free in exchange for a review! All opinions are our own.

14 thoughts on “Beauty Review: Ecco Bella

  1. Sara says:

    The most difficult part of switching to all natural makeup has definitely been mascara. The ones I have tried are smeary and messy, or too “natural” looking for my taste. The point of mascara is to emphasize your lashes, so if it looks like you’re not wearing anything what’s the point? I would love to give the Ecco Bella a try.

    1. Considering You says:

      I totally agree. While this mascara definitely didn’t do anything crazy for my lashes, I did notice a difference. If I don’t wear ANY mascara, it literally looks like I don’t have eyelashes (no thanks). Good luck and hope you can win a tube of theirs!

  2. Elaine Stephenson says:

    I’ve recently stopped using all my old make-up and am slowly buying new products that are good for me. The hardest part is finding products that are healthy and work well…without breaking the bank! Thanks for this giveaway…I’m going to try Ecco Bella’s coverup stick!

    1. Considering You says:

      I totally agree about breaking the bank. Although makeup is one of those things I splurge on. It’s not a good habit!! I buy cheap shoes and purses but I can spend $300 at Sephora :/

      Let us know how you like their coverup stick!

  3. betherejess says:

    I think it makes complete sense to switch to natural beauty products, but I’m always worried that I will try something new, it won’t work or my skin will react funny, and I will have wasted money. Recommendations like this are super helpful though, so thank you for taking the time to review!

    P.S. That lipstick color is amazing on you.

    1. Considering You says:

      I also get nervous about my skin reacting. I tend to stay away from trying a lot of different facial lotions, foundations or face washes. Those are the things that can really mess up my skin. I use NARS almost exclusively for any makeup that goes all over my face. While not extremely good for your skin, it IS gluten-free (which is more important to me). I like to experiment with mascara, eyeshadow and lip stuff though!

      And thanks :) It’s a fun pink!

      1. Jess says:

        I haven’t tried NARS. MAC made my skin break out (even it’s lotion!), and so I got nervous to try other things. Maybe I will give NARS a try. Until then, Clinique and Mary Kay it is. How old school :)

  4. CrazyLovelyMe says:

    I’m really intrigued by this. I’m slowly switching my way to a healthier lifestyle and while I’ve checked out the cosmetic products at the local health food store, I’ve been a bit skeptical to try them – especially because my skin is olive enough it’s a pain just trying to find normal makeup in colors that suit me. I really like that they offer a “mini” size of their mascara – I might just try it out!

  5. Megan says:

    The hardest part about switching to more natural beauty products is the price, along with the quality/lasting power of the cosmetics! I use goodebox as a form to try out new products on a smaller scale.

  6. Lisa Von De Linde says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been using more natural skincare/makeup products for the past 6 years or so, but hadn’t heard about this brand. Would love to try their mascara.


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