Beating Cellulite

Ok ladies, raise your hand if you hate cellulite. I mean, who doesn’t! It’s a tough battle that women have been fighting for a long time. With it being bathing suit season most of us have probably thought about the battle. Today we wanted to give you the best tips we have found for this common issue.

Cellulite Causes

  1. Hormones 
  2. Genetics
  3. Stress
  4. Yo-Yo Dieting
  5. Lack of Activity
  6. Toxicity

Diet Tips

Our skin is a reflection of what we eat. Period.

Exercise Tips

If we do not move our bodies then the circulation needed to promote good looking skin is seriously hindered. Building muscle is extremely important in the role of reducing the appearance of cellulite.

  • Go from inactive to active. Start moving.
  • Do high intensity interval training.
  • Lift weights to build muscle and tone.

Beauty Tips

Forget the idea that there is a miracle out there to remedy the issue. It takes a lifestyle, not a cream. However, here are some natural ways to lesson the appearance of cellulite and give your skin a glow.

Coffee Scrub
Reduce the appearance of cellulite with the at home scrub.
  • Instant Organic Coffee Grounds (or from a cup you just brewed)
  • Coconut Oil (melted)
  • Water
  1. Take a scoop of coffee grounds, add a few drops of water and the melted coconut oil. Mix together and gently exfoliate.

Most important tip of all

Know that you are beautiful with or without cellulite! If it is this common in women we probably need to accept it as a fact and just do the best with what we have. DO NOT put your worth in your body! You are so much more than that!

So tell us ladies, do you like the tips? Wanna give them a try?

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5 thoughts on “Beating Cellulite

  1. Katie Gunser says:

    I actually use the coffee grind scrub – I think I saw it on Wellness Mama that you turned me on to It’s a bit messier than the other kinds of scrubs but I heard the caffeine was supposed to be good for this. I just made up a whole batch when I made a pot of coffee one day. I you turned me on to dry brushing and coconut oil for moisture. Have been doing that regularly for about a year now. Love it!
    Thanks for the tips….. keep them coming!

  2. Maheen Ahmed says:

    Cellulite! The curse in every woman’s life. Cellulite is a muscle fiber issue rather than a skin issue. You need to strengthen and stretch the fibers between your muscles to build a solid platform to stop those fatty lumps pushing through and making your skin look bumpy, but you need a certain type of exercise.

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