Right after the new year, my lips got really dry over the course of one night. I religiously apply chapstick but I couldn’t find it so I used a cheap lipgloss instead. Big mistake. I was left with chapped lips…which led to swollen lips (uh, my lips are already huge)…and now they’re just constantly dry. I try exfoliating. I try moisturizing. Nothing seems to work.

Earlier this week, however, the skin around my mouth seemed to be getting more and more irritated. Add in a few more skin issues and I realized I needed to make a change. Bad diet and concealer won’t take you far when it comes to a glowing complexion. I’m away from home for the next couple weeks and so I don’t have my normal lotion/face oil/diet. So I’m publicly creating a list on how I attempt to fix this issue with hopes that maybe you all have recommendations too!

  1. I ordered 100% organic Argan oil online and it will arrive today. That’s what I usually use to moisturize my face but have been using coconut oil the last few days.
  2. I’m reading Liz Wolfe’s Skintervention right now and am excited to learn from her!
  3. I’m eliminating alcohol (although I rarely drink), sugar + grains from my diet until the 17th. I’m eager to see how that effects everything.
  4. I wonder if I should eliminate coffee too but I’m scared…
  5. I’m avoiding makeup. I had recently started using a new makeup brush + concealer so I’ll be ditching those.
  6. I’m not sure what to use for a lip moisturizer. I picked up Aqauphor’s lip repair. EOS and Burt’s Bees isn’t doing it.
  7. It’s been extremely cold + dry. Perhaps I should invest in a humidifier?

If any of you have any ideas, tips or recs I’d love to hear them! I often feel silly getting worked up about skin issues but it’s been physically bothering me lately so I’m really searching for a solution.

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  1. I swear by Rosebud salve. I keep a little pot of it on my bathroom sink and I keep a tube of it in my purse. I use it on my lips throughout the day and at night I slather it on and around my lips. I also put it on dry patches of skin on my face because I’ve found that it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin! The original salve is a light rose scent but the strawberry one smells good, too (although I wouldn’t put that one on my face).


    • Ohhh good to know! I’ve been using Aquaphor’s lip repair. Definitely not all natural so I’m checking out Paw Paw ointment now! A humidifier also did wonders to help it clear up.

  2. Do you get carmex in the states? Same thing happened to me right before my wedding and my makeup artist recommended it, because it actually treats rather than just coating/protecting. I swear by it! xx

    • We do have carmex! I love the way it tingles but started using Aquaphor’s lip repair this week. Adam used it on his tattoo when he got it. I also started taking a fermented cod liver supplement and am using a humidifier at night :) Thanks Claire!!

  3. What kind of humidifier did you get? I have had chapped lips for so long, I can’t remember what it’s like not to have them. I just put on burts bees/eos everyday, but apparently that doesnt ‘fix’ the problem :/

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