A Health Spa Holiday In California

California is home to many spas and hotel resorts. The spas are dedicated to offer the best experience one can look for with the aim of self improvement and positive transformation. California is known to have many spas than any other state in the USA. The holiday experience in one of these health spas can be memorable and one to talk about. The health spas in California are aimed at improving health and wellness by taking part in exercises, controlled diet and advice on how to stay and keep d. When you visit California for holiday, here are some of the health spas you should consider checking in

The Golden Door spa

This is the most renown spa founded in 1958. It is the most popular destination spa in USA.

The spa is a perfect destination for your holiday, after acquiring ESTA to guarantee your travel. Services offered in the spa include health cuisine, spa treatment, meditation lessons, yoga and variety of outdoor activities.

The Oaks at Ojai spa

Oaks at Ojai spa is located on the southern coast of California. It is a perfect place to enjoy your holiday in a cool serene environment.

Once in the spa, you have a wide range to choose from such as aquatic work outs, fitness retreat, guided hikes to the surrounding mountains and finally a yoga retreat. This experience can be day-based or long enough as a vacation depending on your preference.

Santa Barbara spa

Located along the enticing Californian coast, Santa Barbara spa lets you enjoy the ocean breeze under the warm Californian sun, with a specialty in Hollywood style of experience.

Cal-a-Vie Health spa

This is among the top ranked wellness spas in the world. The geography and climate of Cal-a-Vie is ideal for a perfect holiday due to the minimal rainfall and cool temperatures.

The spa offers private accommodation, fitness classes, nutritional lectures and cooking demonstration. Cal-a-Vie spas offers various packages such as 3-night celebration package and 7-night package.

Laguna Beach spa

This is a five-star resort on the sea-side coast. The spa offers therapeutic body work along with massage in mineral baths.

Laguna Beach spa provides an added taste to the guests with the many art galleries, jewellery shops and boutiques which gives the guests a myriad of options to look at

Napa/Sonoma spa

Located in a beautiful scenery, Napa spa provides a lifetime experience with its romantic touch and style. In the spa, one can relax and sip wine as he or she admires the beautiful scenery and enjoy the world class treatment offered by the staff here.

Orange County spa

The Orange county spa has some of the finest state of the art luxury suites. The spa is located in a strategic view of the deep blue Pacific Ocean which enable you to relax as you enjoy your massage.

Palm Springs spa

The Palm spring spa offers a magical experience for your holiday with the view of the beautiful combination of nature to bring out the utmost experience. With sparkling clear springs containing mineral water and curative abilities, this is one place you never want to miss. Having existed for more than five decades, the Palm Spring spa has offered much to those who pay a visit. Among all the other holiday spas, Palm Spring is among the top on the list.

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