Exploring the Hidden Charms of Istanbul

Istanbul constitutes of archaeological sites, historical places, ancient cities I mean this city is a whole buffet of attractions. The unique city borders two continents, Asia and Europe and it is located on both sides of Bosporus. It unites the East and the West in a convention of art, culture and religion.

Istanbul is on the list of the cities with the most exceptional culture and it is always frequented by tourists and it is characterized with exemplary jewelry, antiques, souvenirs, carpets just to mention but a few. In most cases, visitors to Istanbul get confused because almost everything in this city looks new and attractive. So here are the best places you should not miss to explore because you settled for less.

The Basilica Cistern is a one romantic attraction that portrays the ambiguous system that provided drinking water for Istanbul. It was constructed in the sixth century and everyone forgot about it for a considerable amount of time after which it was then fitted with light, music and fish fitters at the base of the columns to that support the ceiling. The beauty of this building lies in its architectural design, it has a special acoustic touch with patterns that seem to tell stories from since the building existed. It makes you want to write something. Like a poem perhaps, not just any poems but a love poem. This is a perfect place for a couple so much in love to get to bond while admiring this beauty.

Another must explore place in Istanbul is the Topkapi palace. You want to know why? This place is home to royalty; generations of Sultans and their spouses. It is characterized with a sum up of lush of evergreen courtyards, kiosk shops, the crowd hoods on the buildings that give it a Muslim like feel. This place has views you would give anything to have a test of them. While you are visiting here especially as a family, you will receive the best services that come special packages for families to make a visit here more affordable for those travelling as a family.

While in Turkey, explore the Sultanahmet district. This place is known for its hotels. What makes them so attractive is their architectural designs. The four season’s hotel is a perfect explanation of what I’m talking about. This is a completely lovely place with exquisite rooms and the balconies have a gorgeous view of The Hagia Sophia. This is something you absolutely don’t want to miss out on What is more captivating about this hotel is its architectural design. It looks like a home so the fight sight of it gives a homely feeling that is made complete with its supportive management and staff that will bond with easily. There are gifts for kids like ice-cream and toys.

The Topkapi palace and the blue mosque add color and glamour to this city. Let’s look at the blue most as a special case here, it decoratively faces Aya Sofya and the view slithers across a small park. This mosque has the history of being on the list of a handful of mosques in the world that have six minarets. This house is also the tomb of Sultan Ahmed 1 who gave his name to both the mosque and its neighborhood. There are many places to visit while in Istanbul like the archaeological museums, Turkish and Islamic Art Museums, The Suleymaniye mosque and many more If you planning to travel to Turkey to explore its attractions, make a point of applying for a Turkish visa in advance. Remember to have lots of fun a take photos to fill an entire album.

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