Cheesy Kale Chips

I have an obsession with Kale Chips. Especially that cheesy kind already made for me at the grocery store. The problem is that those little bags cost about $6 each. Now, I’m not saying I won’t buy them ever again (who are we kidding) but I wanted to at least attempt to make them myself at home. This way I can make myself at least feel more frugal. So enter this awesome recipe I found over at The Kitchn website called Cheesy Yet Vegan Kale Chips. I in no way changed this recipe so I owe all of it to the creative minds over at The Kitchn. Thank you! In an attempt to cook better and more often I documented the process for you!

Prep Your Veggies


Tip: When prepping vegetables make sure you give them a quick wash before you start. For the kale I washed them, tore off the stems, and then I patted the leaves dry with a paper towel to get any excess water off before cutting.

Process Ingredients and Combine


One absolute must in any kitchen (in my opinion) is a food processor. This machine just gets the job done in a matter of seconds for most things. I am grateful for you machine! Once your cheesy paste is combined mix it with the kale and make sure it is covered all over. Pour it on the baking sheet and into the oven it goes.


This particular recipe was more of a dehydrating technique than actual baking (tip: make sure you keep your oven door slightly cracked to get the dehydrating effect). It took way longer than I ever want to spend making kale chips. Next time I will go with a recipe that bakes in like 20 minutes. Other than that though, delicious!

Find the recipe over on The Kitchn and hope you enjoy this healthy and fun snack!

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