New Year, New Focus

Long time…no blog posts! I’m excited to get back to posting here weekly and I think you’ll notice our focus has changed a bit. Mary and I were able to Skype the other night and we realized that our content was starting to bore us a bit. Too much boring research that we could just point you towards and not enough experimental/hacks! We are BUSY and we are NOT perfect at this whole “whole living” thing. Last week was a really tiring week for me and – of course – I got sick this weekend. I’ve lost muscle from not working out and my butt is eventually going to flatten from sitting at my desk 14 hours a day.

So I had to re-evalute my purpose on this blog. Sure, reading studies and reports about magnesium can be very helpful to you all. But you could just Google that. Starting now, I plan to just do what I preach/read and let you in on what I’ve discovered.

So what will you see from me?

  • Adventures in trying new foods (eating out at ethnic restaurants, weird fruit or maybe mung bean “pasta”)
  • My experiences with different forms of working out (using a trainer, circuits at the gym, squat challenges, videos)
  • Experiments with routine (how to make myself a breakfaster eater, how to change my sleep pattern)
  • Hacks! (apps that help my daily routine, how to cook less without eating worse, productivity tips)

Starting off with juice

Since last week was such a health terror, I knew I had to snap back in action. We’ve posted about juice here before but I was excited when I heard that Columbus (where I live) was getting its first juice bar! I sampled their juices this week and they really are amazing. Much better than any that I’ve ever tried. While I don’t incorporate juicing into my diet very often, I do like it as a supplement when I’m not cooking a lot with produce.



I try not to forget that when you drink a lot of juice…you’re probably getting a lot of sugar in liquid form. If you were to juice a few pieces of fruit, you’re getting all that sugar and no fiber! If anything, it reminded me that I should be getting much more greens in my life and I’m excited to use Native to supplement that part of my diet! It also gave me a lot of ideas of what I could juice at home! Mainly: bok choy, golden beets and mint!

The best addition in my life: I’m lucky to have a healthy, gourmet food delivery service here in Columbus too! I’ve been eating mainly grain-free (except an occasional serving of rice) AND I DON’T HAVE TO COOK! It’s amazing. Last night’s dinner was turkey meatballs with a curry sauce and a side of cauliflower rice!

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