How We See Ourselves

As you can see – Considering You has a new look! We are really excited to be re-launching with this design in hopes that it will help all of you find more content. We loved our old design but it didn’t really lend itself to exploring our content, bringing on guest posters + future collaborations. We hope you enjoy it and feel free to let us know if you find any weird kinks! 

And now is a perfect time to segue into appearances and how we see ourselves. Mary and I thought we’d share a bit about our personal experiences with body image. I know that Mary intends on writing a bit more on this in the future…

In Mary’s Words

I have had a love hate relationship with my lower body my entire life. God blessed me with hips. When I say a “relationship” I really do mean that, but mostly it’s been a distorted relationship. See, I got teased often when I was younger and growing up about “my big butt.” I used to have a lot of shame that came along with my body that was the result of words that my young heart did not know how to handle. I also constantly fell into the trap that most young women do these days of comparing myself to girls I saw on tv or in a magazine. I did a lot of crazy things to try to get that “perfect body.” I dieted A LOT, which ultimately ended in an eating disorder that lasted about two years. As hard as it is to bring up some of these memories again I wanted to share them with you all to let you know that I understand struggling with: 1) the beauty question, 2) how to eat, and 3) being completely comfortable with myself.

The good news is that I have found so much healing over the years. I took my beauty question to God, and He told me I was beautiful and lovely and perfect just the way He made me. I began eating whole foods and ditching the crap and found a healthy and happy relationship with food. It is a relationship not built on deprivation and calories. I am also feeling more comfortable with myself these days as I learn that life is so much more than simply a jean size or looking like a supermodel on the beach. I will admit though that some days I still fight the mirror. However, I no longer see myself the way I used to. I don’t see my size or shape. I see a strong woman full of life who more than anything just wants to help people, and deep down inside I know I am beautiful. So ladies, feel beautiful today- because you are!

In Allie’s Words

I am grateful to have been raised in a house where we ate a lot of healthy fats, were encouraged to finish all of our meals + I never heard my mom get down on herself about the way she looked in the mirror. All that to say – I still have my insecurities and it’s crazy how much we feed off of our peers. I’ve always been insecure about my height and how young I look. I typically get an eye-roll from people when I say that (and ultimately makes me feel even more insecure). In high school, I remember all of the tall, popular girls looked well over 18 and I was still offered a kids menu well into college. I constantly hear, “Oh you’ll appreciate it when you’re older!” I get that. But insecurities aren’t about being logical.

Owning a business, getting married young + moving to a new city only amplified everything. I realized that I have to be confident in my appearance. In my experiences. But also realize that I am still young. I have to live in the moment. Being a woman in this world can be tough when we’re constantly comparing ourselves to each other. The blogging world isn’t any more forgiving than high school. Knowing truth and people that lift you up are two of the most important things (in my opinion). Be unique. Be quirky. Be you.

8 thoughts on “How We See Ourselves

  1. Kathryn says:

    Love the new look! Yay responsive design!

    Also, I hate to be that guy… but Segway is a brand name for the personal transportation device, while segue is the term used for making a transition in themes.

    1. Considering You says:

      Thank Kat! Haha and thank you for pointing out the segway/segue typo. That’s what I get when I write posts at 2am :) I think this same convo has happened between us two! HA!

  2. Daniella says:

    I can totally relate Allie! I look younger than I am, and i’m on the shorter side. “Petite” if you will. I don’t mind the “you’ll appreciate it when you’re older” part, but what I don’t appreciate is not being taken seriously NOW, because I look younger. I think it’s given me a little bit of a “tougher on the outside” complex! Ha!

    Your blog is so great ladies. Keep up all these great posts! The conversation is wonderful.

    1. Considering You says:

      I totally agree. Or I just get upset that people feel like they can comment on how I look (when I don’t do that to people!) I also feel like I can have a tougher exterior now because of it. And thanks for the sweet comment :)

  3. Julenna Newbanks says:

    you both are gorgeous! thanks for sharing!

    the site also looks fantastic!


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