Landscaping on a Budget: 4 Easy and Wallet-Friendly Ideas

Have you been dying to give your exterior space a makeover but feel like you can’t afford one just yet?

Fret not!

Beefing up your landscaping does not always have to take you back a significant amount.

Keep in mind that a breathtaking landscape makeover does not necessarily have to be expensive to be effective.

Get your outdoor enhancement project off to a good start by keeping in mind the following easy and affordable revamping concepts.

1) Incorporate a garden path in your design

When looking to give that untamed space an effortlessly polished look, adding a garden path is your best recourse.

While using pavers is an option you can try, using colored crushed rocks about a quarter-inch in size is deemed more ideal.

Once you have the shape you want all figured out, lay down around four to five inches of crushed rocks on the path you have created. Finish the job off by flattening the surface using a plate compactor.

2) Accentuate your space with a trellis

Whether you are prepping your outdoors for a bash or just want to integrate an attractive element into your landscape, adding a trellis is a clever alternative you can look into.

Readily available in most garden centers, this architectural wonder can have your outdoor space looking grand instantaneously.

If you intend to use one as a focal point, consider using the trellis to mark your garden’s entrance or you can situate it in an area near your vegetable bed.

Add more charm and personality to your outdoor space by planting flowering vines on each side of your trellis.

3) Look into mulching to create a sleek look

Aptly referred to as the ‘backyard’s carpet’, mulching can effectively give your outdoor space a more neat and streamlined look.

Exposed backyard soil and flowerbeds become more appealing once you throw in some colored mulch in the equation.

Apart from the added visual appeal, this trusted garden ally can also effectively block weeds while retaining the much needed nutrients your plant needs.

4) Consider a concrete cover-up

Give any plain concrete patio a fresh new look using masonry stain. Start by coating the surface in any color you fancy. Deep brown and warm honey are deemed ideal hues.

If you are feeling bold, you can opt for a checkerboard pattern.

If painting is not exactly a chore you enjoy, you can try laying slate tiles on the concrete instead. It will help create that elegant appearance you are looking for sans the tedious effort painting entails.

Creating the outdoor space of your dreams does not have to be costly. With some planning and a whole lot of creativity thrown in, you can give your space the much needed visual boost without breaking the bank.

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