Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for a Bash

Having a fun party at your pad can be daunting for most hosts, but if planned well, it can turn out to be a blast. And what better place to throw a party than in your very own beautiful backyard?

Whether you’re planning a barbeque party, a graduation bash, or a wedding ceremony, hosting a party in your outdoor space can be either one of the most fun-filled events or the most trying one, depending on how you prepare for it.

There’s no set formula for throwing a memorable shindig, but it shouldn’t be as stressful as most people think it can be. Ask some of the best party planners and they’ll tell you that the trick lies in keeping things simple to allow yourself plenty of time and opportunities to enjoy your outdoor space along with your guests.

Don’t let your guard down yet, though. With things planned well in advance, all you need to hope for is for the weather to cooperate and for your guests to turn up at your do. It is always better to keep yourself abreast of the weather conditions and forecasts to ensure that your jamboree is a hit.

First Things First: Get the Basics Right

One of the greatest necessities of an outdoor party is to have a suitable outdoor area – a mowed lawn devoid of dirt, weeds and pests. This is the basic requirement. So make sure you have some green space readily available.

If you don’t, consider installing landscape artificial grass for a quick, no-hassle, and low-maintenance green area. I mean think about it, it’s instant, easy to clean and take care of, does not require trimming and mowing, and yet looks and feels like the real deal – soft and natural. You can get them in various shapes, sizes, and colors and make your ambience all the more interesting.

If you have a garden with trees, you will have to cut out/remove any hanging branches or shrubs that may cause your guests discomfort. Keep your party area clear of toys, debris, and other impediments that can cause your guests to slip/trip and fall. Nothing puts a damper on an outdoor soiree than injured guests.

Here are a few more suggestions to help you turn your outdoor space into the perfect party spot.

Install Outdoor Lighting

If you’re having an evening/all-night party, one of the best ways of creating the right mood and ambience is through proper and interesting lighting. It provides entertainment by itself. Outdoor lighting is a must for any outside party and is quite easy to install.

Just make sure your lights stay up all the time by installing with strong and sturdy hooks and screws. And do not forget about having a functional electric source close by.

Another fun and entertaining option for lighting is purchasing balloons and inserting small, colorful LED lights into them. Simply fill the balloons with helium, attach them to your canopy with strings and let them float to create a magnificent effect.

Candles and lamps are great for outdoor parties too. If you have a swimming pool, you can keep its lights on as well, as they look beautiful after sunset.

Arrange for a Shed

If the unpredictable weather is a cause for concern and becoming an impediment to the success of your bash, then you can kiss those worries goodbye by installing a shed. Weather elements can wreak havoc and ruin your party by showing up uninvited.

During such times, having pergolas and canopies over your patio can prove to be a blessing and prevent your party from turning into a flop show.  Make your party memorable with this simple addition.

Have an Outdoor Bar

Picture this – your party is in full swing, your guests seem to be settling in but the only thing that seems to be keeping them from having a real good time is the fact that they have to constantly keep running inside the house to get their hands on the drinks. Now if that isn’t a mood-killer, what is?

The solution to this is having an outdoor bar. Keep them in high spirits, literally, by arranging to have a separate dedicated space to store and dispense drinks.

A simple two-tier bar counter can help you. Stash the mixers and miscellaneous items in the bottom level, place the glasses/cups on the middle level, and display your collection of drinks on the top.

Do make sure that you leave ample space for mixing the drinks. Additionally, have the garnishes and additive syrups prepared beforehand and in good quantity to ensure that you’re fully equipped.

Stock up on Supplies

Whether it is the drinks, the food, or the cups, saucers, spoons, and the plates, make sure you have enough of everything. Be mindful of your guests’ requirements and if you’re inviting people who may have made special requests, make sure you keep those factors in mind and arrange for the supplies accordingly.

Place Adequate Trash Cans

Wherever there is a party, there is bound be trash. Even with the most careful of guests, there will invariably be some amount of trash that you’re bound to find strewn around, only for you to pick it up. The solution to this – place plenty of trash cans around your backyard and make it convenient for everyone to dispose of waste paper, cups, and other items.

The last thing you want is for your guests to trash your place. You can also arrange for party helpers who can walk around the venue and offer to take your guests’ trash and toss it in the bin.


The food, the music, the ambience, the decoration, the lighting are the several elements which need to blend well together to create the perfect atmosphere for a live-wire party. Make sure you make smart choices and prepare your venue in a way that doesn’t leave you worried about cleaning and sorting things out. From having the basics in place to taking care of the nitty-gritty, your jamboree is sure to be a hit with the above tips in mind.

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