Sometimes I think back to what I used to eat (macaroni, bread, pizza and beer) and feel like it was a different life. I cooked regularly with canola oil. I would bake with whole wheat. I ate donuts for breakfast. And it was all delicious.

I’m serious! I don’t think a lot of health/wellness bloggers say that. Sugary, bready, fake food was a really delicious part of my past. At least that’s what I remember. I did cheat once in an airport and ate greasy Chinese food/a soft pretzel. It wasn’t as delicious as I remembered, actually.

I’m getting distracted. What I really want to share is how my pantry staples have changed over the past two years. It wasn’t an instant evolution. I slowly started replacing the basics. Here’s what you’ll find in my pantry:



  1. Quinoa: I almost always have a batch made. I cook it in a rice cooker and store it in the fridge. It’s great to add to soups, salads or as a side.
  2. Raw honey: I almost always use honey when baking. I’ve stopped using agave nectar (still quite processed) and sugar.
  3. Grass-fed ghee: I re-heat a lot of vegetables and food on the stovetop and like using ghee (clarified butter) since I don’t like using coconut oil (I don’t enjoy the coconut-y taste)
  4. Coconut flour: I used to use almond flour exclusively but since buying Against All Grain I’ve started using more coconut flour. Plus, my sister (who has thyroiditis) was advised to not use so much almond flour because of her autoimmune disorder. It’s great because most of her recipes don’t even require too much.
  5. Tapioca flour: I use this for my grain-free pizza and pancake recipe. It also somehow gets everywhere (like all over my shirt).
  6. PaleoKrunch Cereal (in cinnamon swirl): It’s so nice to have a container available to grab on-the-go or eat like cereal.
  7. Cashew Butter: I’ve used this a lot in baking lately too! And it’s delicious on its own.
  8. Coconut Oil: A basic for everything. Baking, smoothies, cooking or even as makeup remover!

What are your pantry staples? Do you buy everything online? How has your pantry changed over time?

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