Mindful Eating EGuide Review + Giveaway

Today I am reviewing the new eGuide by Lauren Fowler, Registered Dietitian. You may remember her from her guest post on Mindful Eating for Disordered Eating. Lauren is an Integrative Dietitian like myself and she believes that we should be living a life of balance by filling our bodies with nutrient dense foods and foods that give us pleasure. Lauren’s approach is refreshing and throws the diet mentality out the window. Lauren says that:


“Food isn’t simply fuel for your body. Yes, it provides calories and energy, but it also provides nutrients that support every action of your body. Food can be medicine to provide you with vibrant health. It adds pleasure to your life (hello, dark chocolate + red wine!). By eating mindfully, you can pay attention to the foods that work best for your body, improve your digestion, and treat your body well rather than depriving it.”



The eGuide is a 30-day mindful eating challenge that takes a non-dieting approach. You won’t find calorie counting and restricting fat grams with this Dietitian’s approach. Thank goodness for that. It’s not another guide of yes/no foods either. It instead teaches you to listen to your body and its natural intuition.

So, who is this guide for? It’s for EVERYONE who EATS. I think that includes me and you and him and her. All of us. Lauren targets several audiences. See if any of these ring true for you:

  • You struggle with your weight.
  • You eat mindlessly out of boredom.
  • You eat emotionally- stress, sadness, happiness, guilt, shame; the list goes on.
  • You are stuck in the dieting cycle (and can’t get out).
  • You restrict and/or overeat food.
  • You have low energy or fatigue.
  • You have digestive distress like IBS, acid reflux, bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea.
  • You eat!

The thing that I appreciate most is that Lauren keeps it real with you. Up front she tells you that this is no magic cure. It’s a journey. I too teach this with clients, because another quick fix is not what we need. She also explains how mindfulness has to do with food in a very beautiful way. Her approach is warm, compassionate, and encouraging. She calls us out of the guilt prisons we have lived in and invites us to experience a whole new way of eating.

She tackles the lies of dieting and the harmful effects they have on our bodies by showing you studies where “diets don’t work.” I probably don’t have to tell many of you that—> the weight and cravings return in all their glory!

Lauren also keeps it real and challenges us to the simple truth that weight loss is not the answer to all our problems. Health is not determined by our weight. In our culture, we really need to begin believing this today. Other areas tackled include digestion and finding pleasure from foods.

So if you are now wanting the tools to make those things mentioned above happen Lauren lays out the process for you in a 30 day challenge. She breaks each day down with a task. I LOVE how the challenge becomes less intimidating and overwhelming this way. It’s simply one day at a time. She also separates the weeks into themes:

  • Week 1- Recognizing Diet Habits and Committing to a Change
  • Week 2- Building Your Mindful Eating Toolbox
  • Week 3- Changing Your Relationship to Food
  • Week 4- Building a Plan Just for You

I’m personally excited to walk through this challenge again. It’s wonderful. This eGuide is packed with information that can really change your relationship to food! For that reason we are pumped to be giving Lauren’s eGuide away to one lucky winner! Be sure to enter! Winner will be chosen Monday, March 3.

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15 thoughts on “Mindful Eating EGuide Review + Giveaway

  1. Heather says:

    In the winter, my biggest challenge is fresh, good quality produce.

  2. Caviar and Quarters says:

    Excited to read more about this 30 day challenge just got done with a different 10 day challenge involving yoga! The most challenging part is not snacking just because and not depending on food as a emotional crutch. When eating out with friends or at work it’s hard to not join in on drinks that really aren’t doing anything for my body, but are socially acceptable to indulge in.

    1. Considering You says:

      Hope the yoga challenge was super! Yes, so many of us struggle with using food for emotional reasons or in social settings.

  3. Jenn Grandlienard says:

    Cravings during “that time of the month!”

  4. Sarah Kong says:

    The hardest part of eating well for me is remembering to prepare food and to pack enough food to get me through the day.

    1. Considering You says:

      Preparing food ahead of time can be tricky- agreed! Trying to set an hour aside for one day to prep will greatly impact your week. Try it out!

    1. Considering You says:

      That can be a challenge then! Try to start by making a plan each day and having foods prepped. That would really help you out!


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