Advantages of Dental Implants

Have you ever experienced pain and difficulty and not being able to taste your favourite foods due to loss of teeth or loose dentures?

If the answer if yes, then carry on reading as one80dental offer dental implants that will help you enjoy your favourite foods again.

The team of specialists at One80 Dental in Sheffield offer restorative and implant dentistry, bone augmentation, bone regeneration, dentures, All-On-4 technique, Periodontics, Endodontics and orthodontics.

Enjoy eating your favourite foods again

When was the last time you were able to bite into a nice French stick or a piece of juicy steak? If you wear dentures, then the answer is probably not for a while. By investing in dental implants you can enjoy all of your favourite foods again. Many denture wearers avoid eating out at restaurants in fear or breaking their dentures or spend ages looking through menus looking for something soft to eat. Now, you now longer have to as there is an option that will allow you to eat your favourite foods and your favourite places with confidence.

Increase your confidence with dental implants

There are few things more embarrassing than having your dentures flop out of your mouth while speaking to someone else. Many people who wear dentures are concerned about this every time they open their mouths, however, denture wearers can enjoy the freedom and confidence of having completely stable and secure teeth. With a beautiful set of teeth attached to implants, you will have the confidence and freedom to enjoy any social activity.

On-going personal attention

Many people who wear dentures are concerned with the amount of time it takes for the dental implant procedure itself, along with the time required for recovery. Conventional dental implant procedures can require many appointments, and many hours of long surgical procedures.

Ideally positioned and well restored dental implants are durable and long-lasting, so any instances of failure should be rare. Should the overlying restoration need to be replaced at any point (perhaps to allow a fixed bridge rather than an overdenture), this can be done relatively easily, particularly with the dental implant system used at one80dental. Through your regular check-ups, the team will ensure optimum long-term performance and appearance of your implant-replaced teeth.

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