There has been a huge increase in women (and men) resorting to Botox to iron out their tired looking facial lines.

With famous celebrities admitting to Botox, plastic surgeons say more people than ever are prepared to pay hundreds of pounds for the treatment that was once the preserve of women of a certain age.

Research shows that middle aged men are now opting for this treatment because the children have left home or because they are insecure with their jobs due to the pressures, particularly within certain financial business hubs. Divorced men are also taking up Botox as they are looking to get back onto the dating scene and are investing in the treatments which cost from £200 and have to be repeated every four months.

For bachelors or middle-aged men who are looking to get back on the dating scene or for those who would like to start looking after their appearance, a variety of botox treatments are available for men.

Botox is a safe and a temporary treatment which involves injecting a purified protein into your face to relax and soften certain muscles. This reduces the amount of muscle activity and allows the lines and creases around these muscles to fade and become softer.

The facial clinic will ask you to make several facial expressions so he can observe how your facial muscles work.

They will then use a very fine, short needle to inject the Botox into the appropriate area. The procedure is quick, safe and lasts around 15 to 30 minutes and  may cause slight but very brief discomfort.

You may experience slight redness and swelling which should settle within a few hours with the treatment taking effect between 4 to 14 days, depending on the individual.

You will be reviewed after your treatment to assess your progress and refine treatment.

The results usually last between 2 and 6 where you will notice a gradual ability to move your muscles more freely making you look and feel younger.

What are your experiences or concerns with Botox and other facial treatments?  We welcome your comments.

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